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CELLBLOKS® 2D layout Liver-on-a-Chip model

This CELLBLOKS® kit contains ready grown physiological relevant liver micro-tissues constituting different cell types of the liver enablingin-vivorelevant metabolic function essential for predicting adverse drug effects in your lab

Product details

  • 4 liver-chips per plate

    Removable CultureBlock™; each chip and cell type can be removed, replaced or analysed independently.

  • Readily grown liver tissues

    Tri-culture model (2D layout arrangement)

    Human hepatocytes (HepG2) cells, Human endothelial HUVEC cells & Fibroblast co-cultured in adjacent compartments 

    *other cell type options on request

  • Open top access

    Enables model experimentations in real-time without disitbing other cells in culture.

  • Flow enabled

    Use with or without media flow circulation

    Optimised cell maintenance medium provided


  • Physiologically relevant

    Constitutes key liver cell types including hepatocytes fibroblasts and endothelial cells allowing cell-cell interactions

  • Liver functionality

    Enhanced hepatic relevance including increased albumin, ureas and Cytochrome P450 production compared to standard hepatocyte mon-cultures

  • Ready to use

    Use Liver-on-a-Chip model directly after arrival for up to 14 days allowing you to perform your studies straight away

  • Industry compliant

    The platform is designed in a standard SBS plate format compatible with standard imaging and readout equipment


Data from 2D layout liver-on-a-chip model

  • Model set-up

    Liver model interaction set-ups on CELLBLOKS® platform. Different cell-cell interactions were set-up in various co-culture combinations to detriment obtain hepatic function. Cells were grown in Circulatory Blocks

  • Cell images

    Images of different cells in their respective cell growth blocks

  • Metabolic activity in hepatocytes

    CYP3A4 production per cell in HepG2 monocultures vs. HepG2 co-cultures and tri-culture condtions. HepG2's in tri-culture *[HepG2 + HUVEC + NIH/3T3] show > 3 enhanced production of CYP3A4 compared to HepG2 monocultres. *CYP3A4 in tri-culture was measured on HepG2 cells only excluding other cells in co-culture

  • Toxicity evaluation

    IC50 in monocultures (HepG2, R2=0.887) versus  tri-culture [HepG2+HUVEC+NIH/3T3, R2=0.93] in CELLBLOKS® liver-on-a-chip platform. HepG2's in tri-culture show enhanced sensitivity to tamoxifen toxicity (IC50 8.96 uM) compared to HepG2 monocultures (IC50 16.4 uM) following 24-h exposure. *IC50 in tri-culture was measured on HepG2 cells only excluding other cells in co-culture

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Use CELLBLOKS® kits to build your own unique organ models in your lab

CELLBLOKS® is unique because no other plate platform allows you to study complex in-vivo like cell-cell interaction studies with ease. Using CELLBLOKS® you can build complex models by simply putting together different cell growth Blocks in one platform that are designed to mimic both barrier organs and those in systematic circulation

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