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About us

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Our mission

We develop complex in vitro models to address multiple issues associated with drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry. In turn, our work has repercussions on a wider scale. Our mission is divided into 3 objectives – read on to learn more.

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Improving drug development

We focus on creating realistic in vitro models to provide pharmaceutical companies with superior preclinical data. This approach aims to enhance decision-making in drug development, ultimately boosting the likelihood of successful outcomes.

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 A greener world

Our advanced in vitro models enhance efficiency in pharmaceutical industries, reducing wasteful practices and contributing to the global transition towards carbon neutrality.

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 No more animal suffering 

Through the development of realistic in vitro models, we believe we can reduce the reliance on animals for preclinical testing of pharmaceutical compounds.

Our principles

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We strive to communicate with you in the clearest manner

From planning to execution, we will always keep the communication lines open, to keep you updated on our progress at every step of the process.

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We will deliver in a timely manner on mutually agreed deadlines

We will work with you on setting up realistic project timelines to make sure the data is delivered on time.

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We will work with you extensively to find the best solution to your needs.

Our list of endpoints is open to any option you might suggest, and our models can be customised to better suit your needs.


Who we are

Our location

Our main location is at  Sci-Tech Daresbury - UK , an innovation hub including more than 150 companies ranging from startups to global giants. Located between two vibrant cities - Manchester and Liverpool - and surrounded by nature, the strategic location of the campus facilitates collaboration and access to diverse talent pools, while the tranquil environment fosters creativity and focus.

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Our Team

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Dr. Valon Llabjani (Founder & CEO)

Valon, a PhD holder with 15+ years in biomedical science, excels in managing academic and commercial projects, resulting in patents and funding for Revivocell. His expertise in product design, tissue engineering, and toxicology is widely recognized through 20+ peer-reviewed journal publications, solidifying his position as a top researcher.

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Dr. Valmira Hoti (Founder and COO)

Dr. Valmira Hoti, with a BSc (Hons) in Banking & Finance and a PhD in Statistics from Lancaster University, directs commercialization strategies and operations at Revivocell. Previously aiding tech start-ups in finance and commercialization in the banking and finance sector, her diverse expertise enhances Revivocell's business success.

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Prof. Francis L Martin (Advisory Board)

Professor Martin, a globally acclaimed toxicology expert, brings invaluable knowledge to our team with his distinguished record and expertise in various toxicology tests. As the former President of the UK Environmental Mutagen Society and an expert member of the DoH Committee on Mutagenicity, his involvement in regulatory guideline development underscores his renowned reputation. His contributions are pivotal in translating our technology to the market.

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Dr Raffaello Sbordoni (Research Scientist)

Raffaello, with a Biomedical Engineering background, specialized in advanced liver in vitro models before earning his PhD in Tissue Engineering at University College London, focusing on organ-on-a-chip human airways models. His interdisciplinary expertise in engineering and biology enriches his role as a Research and Development scientist at Revivocell, where he designs and develops  complex in vitro models of a variety of human organs, with a focus on the central nervous system.

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Dr Abdullah Talari (Research Scientist)

Abdullah, with a Ph.D. in Material Science and Tissue Engineering from the University of Sheffield, funded by EPSRC, brings extensive interdisciplinary expertise to Revivocell. He led projects in the FAST Healthcare NetworkPlus Project, focusing on diagnosing colorectal neoplasia. At Revivocell, Abdullah designs and implements research plans for Liver  models on Organ-On-A-Chip platforms, aiming to advance drug discovery and toxicity assessment.

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Dr Ahtasham Raza (Advisory Board)

Dr Ahtasham Raza enriches Revivocell with interdisciplinary expertise in 3D soft tissue engineering, bioimaging, and drug discovery. Proficient in working with primary and iPSC cells, he develops accurate models for studying normal and diseased conditions like skin modeling and oncology. His skills in toxicology testing bolster the team's capabilities, advancing innovative solutions in life sciences research.

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Dr Imran Patel (Advisory Board)

Dr Imran Patel, with a PhD in Biological Sciences from Lancaster University and postdoctoral training at prestigious institutions like the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London NHS Trust, specializes in applying vibrational spectroscopy for cancer bio-sensing and bio-imaging. His expertise supports organ model imaging and clinical translation of the  Revivocell organ platforms, advancing cancer research technologies and innovative clinical solutions.

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Need some help?

If you're interested in discovering how  our organ models can benefit your research, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our team is available to provide further insights and address any inquiries you may have.

Contact information


Daresbury Laboratory, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Keckwick Lane Daresbury, Cheshire, WA4 4AD




BioLabs@NYU LANGONE, 180 Varick St, Floor 6, New York, NY 10014


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