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Our technology 

Explore our flagship technology NANOSTACKSTM and our other solutions for the developement of complex, user-friendly multicellular in vitro models.

NANOSTACKS™: Revolutionizing in-vitro modeling for advanced research and drug discovery

Our revolutionary platform NANOSTACKSTM allows the development of complex in vitro models with ease, as both cell-cell and organ-organ interactions can be modeled whilst maintaining compatibility with standard laboratory equipment.”

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Including imaging-based assays, such as neurite outgrowth assays

Differentiated SH-SY5Y on NANOSTACKSTM

Plate reader-based assays

Perform easily viability, proliferation, cytotoxicity assays and more

Cytotoxicity of Zileutone (High-DILI-Concern) on primary human hepatocytes (PHH) on NANOSTACKSTM

Downstream sampling of medium and cells

Compatibility with assays such as ELISA and PCR

Albumin levels in primary human hepatocytes (PHH) on NANOSTACKSTM

Unique Benefits

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Versatile 3D Assembly

Complex physiologically relevant tissue structures can be created by assembling up to 4 NANOSTACKS™ in one well

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Intercellular communication

Cell-cell crosstalk between cells is replicated in the platform, increasing its similarity to the in vivo environment

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Industry-Compliant Design

The 24-well plate format allows the execution of a wide variety of assays

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Ease of imaging

The platforms are transparent, simplyfing their imaging

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Easy to use

Cell culture on NANOSTACKSTM is straightforward

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Scalable and Cost Effective

Scale up tissue models cost-effectively with NANOSTACKS™, offering an alternative to expensive microfluidic chip methods

NANOSTACKSTM specifications

Well-plate compatibility:SBS-standard 24-well plate
Membrane pore size:0.4 µm *other pore sizes available on request
Membrane material:Transparent PET or PC
Cell growth area:0.28 cm2
Working volume:0.5 - 1.5 mL
CELLBLOKS® technologySingle platform enabling the study of cell-cell interactions in real time

To model multiple barriers in a single in vitro model, we developed our CELLBLOKS® platform. Assemble different BLOKS into a 12-well plate to build the complex in vitro model of your choice.

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The Platform 

The CELLBLOKS® platform has the dimensions of a SBS-standard tissue culture plate. It has four separate channels, each capable of housing three separate Blocks. Each channel is filled with media (3-5 ml) to allow cell-cell communication between the Blocks.

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If you're interested in discovering how  our organ models can benefit your research, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our team is available to provide further insights and address any inquiries you may have.

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