Revolutionizing Drug Discovery with NANOSTACKS™ Organ Models

High-complexity in vitro models for  drug development

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Enhance your drug discovery with our cutting-edge in-vitro human relevant models

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Hepatotoxicity and ADME services

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Neurotoxicity services

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Multiorgan toxicity services 

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NANOSTACKS™ technology: advancing research through in-vivo relevant organ models

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Explore NANOSTACKSTM, a cell culture platform designed for the development of high-complexity in vitro models. The use of NANOSTACKSTM-based models ensures the in vivo-relevancy of data from in vitro toxicity and efficacy studies, improving the success rate of drug development pipelines.

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The latest blogs

High-complexity in vitro models for the toxicity assessment of antibody-drug conjugates

High-complexity in vitro models for the toxicity assessment of antibody-drug conjugates

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) target cancer cells while reducing harm to healthy tissue. However, off-target toxicity remains a concern, demanding thorough evaluation. Read this blog post to explore the role of advanced in vitro models for toxicity screening of ADCs.

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5 tips for making your own complex in vitro model

5 tips for making your own complex in vitro model

Discover 5 essential tips for designing and setting up a complex in vitro model (CIVM) that mimics the human body more effectively than traditional models. From maximizing cell types to validating your model, these insights will help you advance your research and increase its relevance

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Human Organs-on-Chips: easier said than done

Human Organs-on-Chips: easier said than done

Discover the current state of the art in organ-on-a-chip technologies and how they compare to conventional cell culture methods. Dr. Valon Llabjani, Founder and CEO of Revivocell Limited, explores the advancements, limitations, and the need for improved models. Learn about Revivocell's CELLBLOKS® technology, a modular multi-organ/cell type co-culture system that bridges the gap between traditional methods and organs-on-a-chip approaches.

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If you're interested in discovering how  our organ models can benefit your research, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our team is available to provide further insights and address any inquiries you may have.

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