Improving Research In Human Health And Enhancing Drug Discovery

Build human organ models using CELLBLOKS®'s plug-and-play approach, providing an efficient and reliable method for drug discovery research while reducing reliance on animal testing









Transforming Drug Discovery and Disease Modeling: Build Custom In-Vitro Models with CELLBLOKS®

Choose the options that meet your research objectives

Build Your Custom Organ Models

Use CELLBLOKS® to design and construct custom models with ease. Select cell types, configurations, and conditions to match your research goals. Build unique in-vitro models and explore diverse biological systems.

Build and Order Online

Validated Advanced Organ Models

Choose from pre-designed  single & connected organ models such as liver, gut, brain and more. These validated and optimized models offer a reliable and ready-to-use solution for drug discovey studies, organ functions and diseases. Benefit from our expertise and streamline your research with validated models.


Custom Model Development Services

Do you need a highly specialized model beyond our existing offerings?  Collaborate with our experts to create  CELLBLOKS® models that precisely mimics your desired organ system. From concept to realization, we work closely with you to develop a custom model that advances your research goals.


Introducing CELLBLOKS® NANOSTACKS™: Revolutionizing In-Vitro Modeling for Advanced Research and Drug Discovery

Welcome to CELLBLOKS® NANOSTACKS™ - the future of in-vitro modeling. Our revolutionary platform empowers researchers with advanced technology and user-friendly design. Create intricate multi-layered tissue models with ease, thanks to industry-compliant NANOSTACKS™ that seamlessly integrate into standard laboratory equipment. Explore new frontiers in drug discovery, disease modeling, and tissue engineering. Experience the power of CELLBLOKS® NANOSTACKS™ today.

Versatile 3D Assembly

Create complex and physiologically relevant tissue structures by assembling up to 4 NANOSTACKS™ in one well. 

Industry-Compliant Design

Fit NANOSTACKS™ into a SBS-standard 24-well plate, ensuring compatibility with standard laboratory workflows and equipment.

Assay-Friendly Integration:

Seamlessly integrate with plate readers and standard laboratory equipment for easy data collection and analysis.

Precise Cell Layer Control

 Study cell-cell interactions and tissue-specific functionalities with precise control over cell layers and spatial organization.

High-Throughput Capability

Screen multiple conditions and compounds simultaneously, enabling efficient experimentation.

Scalable and Cost Effective

 Scale up tissue models cost-effectively with NANOSTACKS™, offering an alternative to expensive microfluidic chip methods.


"For biological research or drug discovery applications, striving towards organotypic structure and function will improve the translational relevance and predictivity of cell models. 3D assembly of multi-cellular structures, communication between cells within or across connected models alongside media flow are the focus of multiple organ on a chip (OOAC) technologies. CELLBLOKS is a new entry into the OOAC space. It has plate-based familiarity with the potential to develop and connect multiple cell models exploiting the multi-modular nature of the technology. Established cell or trans-well based models can be migrated into the format and connected in multiple combinations with or without media flow. The approach exploits existing laboratory equipment and requires minimal training, enabling a lower barrier to investment and reduced model transition to the format compared to other approaches on the market."


Lead Scientist at Medicines Discovery Catapult, UK

"CELLBLOKS® is a true innovation for co-culture activities. The soluble factors including growth factors and cytokine can be smartly and conveniently introduced to targeted cellular population in a semi-quantitative manner. The working procedure is simple and easily implemented."


Professor in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at Keele University, UK

“CELLBLOKS® is great technology and innovative technique. Very easy to use and instructions are well designed. This platform enables us to screen various compounds in-vitro during our research using nanoparticles, aptamers, and others. We are interested to better mimic skin barrier and blood brain barrier and are continuing to explore the use of CELLBLOKS® for this purpose. Our research continues in this filed, to discover new products we would need models like CELLBLOKS® for testing permeation and penetration of cell lines. I would recommend it and encourage other researchers to use it.”


Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at University of Central Lancashire, UK

"CELLBLOKS® can be used to overcome the serious limitations hampering the use of organotypic slice cultures in long-term experiments. The system allows sharing of cell secreted factors released from three or more types of cross-communicating cells/tissues and can be easily adapted in studying cell-cell interactions in complex organs like the salivary glands."


Postdoctoral Research Associate at King's College London

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