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CELLBLOKS®: Organ-on-a-Chip platform allowing a plug-and-play approach towards building organotypic models

Revolutionize Drug Discovery with In-Vivo Like Organ Interactions: Experience the Power of Advanced Predictive Models with CELLBLOKS®

CELLBLOKS® provides a more predictive and reliable alternative to traditional animal testing for studying organ-specific functions and interactions. Its interactive LEGO®-like design allows for easy building of complex models, mimicking both barrier organs and those in systematic circulation. With CELLBLOKS®, you can perform a wide range of combination studies and easily plug and play with different cell growth blocks to create intricate models in a convenient and versatile platform. Join the forefront of advanced in-vitro testing with CELLBLOKS®

Unlock the Potential of Multiple Cell and Organ Type Co-Culture with CELLBLOKS® System and Matrix

The CELLBLOKS® system and matrix provide a powerful tool for studying cell type interactions. With three-way combination possibilities, you can test individual cell types, sets of two, and tri-cultures all in one plate. The CELLBLOKS® matrix helps identify the most promising cell type combinations for further study, saving you time and money. By leveraging this technology, you can unlock the potential of complex biological systems and make groundbreaking discoveries in your field.

organ-on-a-chip alternative

CELLBLOKS® technology

Improved Reproducibility

Produce reliable data by maintaining similar environments across experiments

The CELLBLOKS® is designed in a standard SBS plate format to work with regular CO2 incubator and readout equipment. This enables you to minimize environmental differences across standard culture vessels and read-out equipment giving you more reliable and reproducible data.

Quick and simple analysis

Visualise and monitor in real-time 

The open top access allows you to monitor the experiments in real-time. Cells can be imaged live by a standard confocal microscopy without being disrupted. In addition, media can be collected for further analysis while the cells are interacting permitting long term effect to be studied.

Saves time

Easy to set up “Plug and Play” Block design also facilitates modification of experiments in real time

Remove and substitute individual cell growth Blocks from the base chamber at any time without disturbing other cells in culture. This gives you more time to generate data that you need and spend less time in re-setting the experiments from the beginning

More Productive

Perform multiple experiments simultaneously in one platform 

Each platform has four individual channels to run separate cell-cell interaction experiments all at the same time within one device, enabling more productivity in less time.

  • Plug and play components

    Click though to see options

  • Circulatory Blocks

    Simulating organs in systematic circulation e.g. liver, brain, heart, lung

  • Barrier Blocks

    Simulate barrier organs (eg, blood brain barrier & epithelial layers)

  • Blank Blocks

    Are used to isolate cell cultures from other compartments and are often used as control blocks

How does it work

Find out how the technology works, its applications and read case studies. 

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Ready to use CELLBLOKS® kits

CELLBLOKS Platform with options of Circulatory, and Barrier Blocks
CELLBLOKS® Customised Kit
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CELLBLOKS® Circulatory Kit
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CELLBLOKS® Barrier Kit
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