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CELLBLOKS® Liver-on-a-chip models for toxicity screening 

Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) continues to be the leading cause of attrition during drug development in all phases of clinical trials as well as the number one cause of post-market drug withdrawal. CELLBLOKS® liver-on-a-chip models are the only platforms in the market that is industry compliant, hight-throughput and in-vivo relevant, containing precise spatial and structural arrangement of different cell types enabling cell-cell communication and in-vivo like metabolic function essential for predicting adverse drug effects. We can generate high quality and human-relevant data rapidly and in cost-effective manner. 

CELLBLOKS® 2D layout Liver-on-a-Chip model

  • Cell lines

    Human hepatocytes HepG2 cells*, Human endothelial HUVEC cells* & Fibroblast cell*

    *other cell type options on request

  • Test Compound Concentrations

    4 point dose response curve with top concentration based on 100x Cmax or solubility limit. 3 replicates per concentration.*

    *Extend compound screening with more plates

  • Compound requirement

    150 μL of a solution to achieve 100x Cmax (200 x top concentration to maintain 0.5% DMSO) or equivalent amount in solid compound.

Time points

24 hours*

*other options available 

Quality control

Negative control: 0.5% DMSO (vehicle), Positive controls: 1 known cytotoxic compounds

Toxic Read-out

ATP and MTT assay

Data delivery

Minimum effective concentration (MEC) and AC50 value for each measured parameter cellular toxicity

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