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Revivocell awarded Future Innovation Fund for the development of a novel COVID-19 screening platform

Revivocell awarded Future Innovation Fund for the development of a novel COVID-19 screening platform

Revivocell is delighted to have been awarded Future Innovation Fund from the Liverpool City Region for the development of a novel screening tool for COVID-19 virus. 

With the current COVID-19 pandemic there remains great uncertainty about number of future infections and possible deaths. There is a need for more accurate and cost effective detection tools that can be widely used without highly specialised training and expensive equipment. The current established detection tools are expensive and require dedicated equipment, trained personnel and numerous reagents which are running low. 

Revivocell will be collaborating with Daresbury Proteins to develop the new COVID-19 testing platform, which is rapid, easy to use, lower cost and highly accurate.  

A successful outcome from this project would realistically and significantly meet societal needs that have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Long-term benefits include testing for specific effectiveness of the emerging vaccines ensuring longer-lasting protection from the virus. In addition, this work will have direct impact on the management of the pandemic locally and strengthen life science manufacturing in the region. 


Revivocell launches 3 new CELLBLOKS® Kits

Revivocell launches 3 new CELLBLOKS® Kits

Revivocell is a UK spin-out from Lancaster University based at Sci-Tech Daresbury Science Incubator Hub, Cheshire.  We develop cell culture technology to improve life sciences research and enhance drug discovery success. We want to enable scientists to be more creative in their research by proving next dimension cell culture technology, which is easy to use and interactive, whilst closely mimicking body-like conditions and reducing animal testing.

The new CELLBLOKS® platform is versatile and straightforward to use, enabling researchers to create their own unique experiments.  CELLBLOKS® is unique because like no other plate platform allows you to study complex in-vivo like cell-cell interaction studies with ease. The interactive “plug and play” nature of the device makes it versatile allowing you to perform a wide range of cell-cell combination studies. Using CELLBLOKS® you can build complex models by simply putting together different cell growth Blocks in one platform that are designed to mimic both barrier organs and those in systematic circulation.

The platform is designed in standard SBS plate format that makes it compatible with standard readout equipment and minimizes any workflow disruption.  


Three platform options available include:

  • CELLBLOKS® Barrier Kit
    • The kit aims to help researchers simulate barrier functions of epithelial and endothelial organs and tissues, for instance, intestinal layer modelled with CaCo2 cells and brain endothelium with HBEMCs
  • CELLBLOKS® Circulatory Kit
    • Designed to simulate body non-barrier function of organs including cells in direct systematic circulation (e.g. liver, heart, lung)
  • CELLBLOKS® Customised KIT
    • This Kit is designed to test the interaction effects of up to three-cell types of both barrier organs and those in systematic circulation, all in one platform

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The technology has number of applications including:

  • Pre-clinical drug screening such as Drug Induced Liver injury (DILI) modelling
  • Tissue engineering (e.g., modelling of dermis/epidermis skin layers)
  • Cancer models (e.g., interaction of carcinoma with stroma and immune & stem cell compartments.

If you like to work with Revivocell on development projects and products where CELLBLOKS® technology could improve your research outcomes please contact us.