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CELLBLOKS®: trans well plate alternative

How does it compare to transwell plates

CELLBLOKS®, is a multi-organ/cell type modular “plug and play” co-culture technology. It serves the purpose of emulating the organ microenvironment in a standard in-vitro setting. It provides the feasibility of studying the assays in 2-D, 3-D cell growth condition, and in static or flow system, by using a standard perfusion rocker
Using CELLBLOKS® different cell types can be grown on Barrier Blocks™ or Circulatory Blocks™ that emulate barrier organs or those in systematic circulation. Blocks containing organ specific cells can then be connected to each other in variety of ways to simulate complex organ-organ interactions. For instance, Intestinal cell are grown on Barrier Blocks, whereas Liver and lung cells in Circulatory Blocks.

In this way you can quickly and easy set up an experiment in the lab to simulate complex body conditions, for example, to test how organs communicate to each other when they are exposed to a test drug



Cell-cell communication studies made easy
CELLBLOKS® platform has dimensions of a SBS standard Tissue Culture well plate. It has four sperate elongated channels with location for three separate Blocks. Each channel is filled with media (3-5 ml) to allow the cell-cell communication between the Blocks




Compared to convention insert plates the CELLBLOKS® platform offers number of advantages:  
  • Study the interaction of up to three cell types at the same time
  • Visualised individual cell cultures simultaneously by microscopy without disturbing others
  • Improved cell-cell communication by new side filters 
  • Produce more reliable data by growing cells on same surface 



Study the interaction of up to three cell types at once      


 Conventional well plate inserts
CELLBLOKS Circulatory Blocks

Cellbloks Horizontal Co-culture
Only two cell types can be co-cultured together Up three cell types can be co-cultured in separate compartments




 Visualise in real time 



Conventional well plate inserts 
CELLBLOKS Circulatory Blocks
transwell insert microscopic  imaging cellbloks circulatory blocks microscopy imaging
Only the bottom cells can be directly visualised by microscopy  Each cell culture can be individually visualised by microscopy without disturbing others



 Improved cell-cell communication 




Conventional well plate inserts 
CELLBLOKS Circulatory Blocks




cell cell  communication in transwell inserts

cell cell communication in cellbloks circulatory blocks
Cell secreted factors are often blocked by cell layer between top and bottom compartments Cell-cell communication is enhanced as secreted factors can freely diffuse between cell compartments without having to pass through the cell layers



 Produce more reliable data by growing each cell type on same surface 



Conventional well plate inserts 
CELLBLOKS Circulatory Blocks

surface material in transwell insert plate

surface material in cellbloks circulatory blocks
Material properties in the inserts plate and inserts are different which can add another variable to the data  All cells are grown on same surface material ensuring consistent conditions for each culture 


Other Features and Benefits of CELLBLOKS®

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