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CELLBLOKS® Standard Kits

CELLBLOKS® revolutionizes multiple cell-type co-culture studies with its patented modular "plug and play" technology. This innovative system allows you to emulate organ microenvironments in a standard in-vitro setting. By growing different cell types on Barrier Blocks™ or Circulatory Blocks™, which mimic barrier organs and those involved in systematic circulation, you can create unique experimental setups. Connecting these blocks in various configurations enables you to simulate complex organ-organ interactions, providing valuable insights into how organs communicate under different conditions. The platform's compatibility with 2-D and 3-D cell growth, as well as static or flow systems, offers flexibility in experimental design. With CELLBLOKS®, you can easily set up co-culture experiments to study the effects of test drugs or other stimuli on organ interactions, all within a convenient standard SBS plate format

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