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CELLBLOKS® revolutionizes biomedical research, allowing precise study of complex biological processes. From drug toxicity screening to multi-organ interactions, it empowers breakthroughs in understanding human physiology, disease, and drug development.

CELLBLOKS® Single And Multiple Organ-On-A-Chip Models

CELLBLOKS® Liver Models

Our advanced multicellular liver models, consisting of primary hepatocytes and NPC cell complexes, are utilized with utmost confidence to validate the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical compounds.

CELLBLOKS® Barrier Models

Discover our cutting-edge barrier models, enabling precise drug permeability assessments. Unlock insights into drug transport mechanisms and make informed decisions.

CELLBLOKS® Brain Models

Unlock new possibilities in neurodevelopmental research with our differentiated neoron models, driving innovation in drug screening for brain studies.

CELLBLOKS® Multi-organ models

Explore the power of CELLBLOKS® Multi-Organ Models for comprehensive research, spanning ADME studies and simultaneous assessment of multi-organ toxicities in a single platform.


Work with Us to Access Our Cutting-Edge Technology and Expertise

Drug toxicity screening services

Uncover the toxic liability of potential drug candidates and gain insights into their mechanisms of action using our innovative CELLBLOKS® Liver-on-a-Chip platforms.

Custom model development and assay services

Leverage our adaptable CELLBLOKS® "plug & play" technology to tailor organ-on-a-chip models according to your specific requirements, ensuring personalized solutions for your research needs.

Research collaborations

Join forces with us in impactful research collaborations to generate high-quality research outputs and drive meaningful advancements together.


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US: 1(0) 3479697346