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About us

Revivocell is a UK-based spin-out from Lancaster University, located at Sci-Tech Daresbury Science Incubator Hub in Warrington. Our mission is to revolutionize cell culture technology and accelerate progress in life sciences research and drug discovery.

We aim to empower scientists to conduct more creative and innovative research by providing advanced cell culture technology that closely mimics in vivo conditions, reduces the need for animal testing, and enhances the accuracy of drug discovery. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly, interactive, and next-generation cell culture platform that makes it easier for researchers to achieve breakthroughs in their fields.

With Revivocell, researchers can gain valuable insights that were previously unattainable, advancing the field of life sciences research and improving human health outcomes.

Our Team

Get to know the faces behind the innovation

Dr. Valon Llabjani (Founder and CEO)

He has a PhD in Biomedical Science and 15 years of life sciences research with commercial experience, successfully managing a number of academic and commercial projects. At Revivocell he lead CELLBLOKS innovations and built a team that led to number of patent applications and raised funding to support business development. He has experience in the inter-disciplinary fields of product design; 3-D cell culture, toxicology, polymer chemistry, cancer biology and analytical chemistry, and has published >20 academic peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Valmira Hoti (Chief Operations Officer)

Dr. Valmira Hoti is responsible for devising commercialisation strategies and operations. With a BSc (hons) in Banking & Finance, a PhD in Statistics (Lancaster) she also has worked in a bank's business growth sector assisting innovative tech start-ups with finance and commercialisation

Dr. Afaf Abozoid (Postdoctoral Scientists)

Dr Abozoid has BSc in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science at University of Alexandria, Egypt, an MSc Analytical Bioscience and Drug Design (University of Salford, UK). She has completed her PhD in the PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Central Lancashire, UK. Afaf has extensive experience in fields of drug development and screening, separation science, drug delivery, nano-technology formulations, physicochemical characterisation of nanoparticles, cell culture techniques, fluorescent microscopy and macrophage differentiation and polarisation

Prof. Francis L Martin

Prof Martin’s group at University of Central Lancashire has an exemplary and world-leading record in the area of toxicology over many years. His laboratory specializes in the application of a range of toxicology tests, including the alkaline comet assay and the cytokinesis- block micronucleus assay. Prof Martin is current President of the UK Environmental Mutagen Society and Officer on the committee of its European counterpart, which has a significant industry component. He is also an Expert Member of the DoH Committee on Mutagenicity and on the OECD panel for developing a regulatory guideline for transformation assays.

Dr. Imran Patel (Advisory Board)

Dr. Imran Patel has a PhD in Biological Sciences (Lancaster University), postdoctoral fellow training at the University of Cambridge, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and an honorary postdoctoral fellow at Imperial College London NHS trust. He has extensive experience in application of vibrational spectroscopy for bio-sensing and bio-imaging of cancer, with particular emphasis on clinical translation.

Dr. Ahtasham Raza (Advisory Board)

Dr Ahtasham Raza has an interdisciplinary BBSRC funded PhD from The University of Sheffield and had a 3-year post-doctorate research associate position at The Kroto Research Insititute (The University Of Sheffield, UK). His research involved the development of 3D soft tissue engineering and bioimaging. In particular, the development of 2D/3D cell culture from primary and iPSC cell culture for development of normal and diseased model, including skin modelling, oncology, for drug discovery and toxicology testing

Revivocell Limited

Daresbury Laboratory, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Keckwick Lane Daresbury, Cheshire, WA4 4AD

United Kingdom